Many parents and educators are asking: “How to teach a child to pray, and not just to be present in the temple?”. The child may Ponomarev, follow the candlesticks in the Temple, and … can serve God by singing in the choir. Yes, of course, not immediately. Hard work to create a children’s choir, as a choir, took over the mother Natalia Mileshkin.

Children’s Choir “Rejoice” at the hospital church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian of Rome began its existence in 2008. The first rehearsal took place on October 4, the feast day of St. Dimitry of Rostov. Came children from 4 to 7 years.

From the first lessons the young choristers were learning not only the songs, but also the most simple liturgical chants (litanies, antiphons, Trisagion), mastered troparnye voices. One year later, a second training children choir began to sing the liturgy, and now they can not imagine a day without Sunday participated in the service.

Great joy and spiritual strength for the choir became involved in children’s liturgies held monthly at the St. Andrew’s Church at Vladimir’s Cathedral. Here they are particularly deeply felt liturgy as a single continuous prayer, involving all the mental strength, all the attention.

Most singers have mastered the skills of church reading – hours Apostle prayers for Holy Communion. Over the years, the children learned a lot of festive hymns (Christmas, Easter and others), have mastered the prayers and memorial services. With reverence and joy not just singing in the episcopal services (including on the consecration of the church), visited the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and Pochaev, monastery and other churches.

Joint pilgrimage trips provide an opportunity to talk, to sing, to enrich the repertoire, to meet with different singing traditions. And yet, in practice, children are convinced that it is necessary not only to strive for musical excellence, but to cultivate a sincere, profound reverence for klirosnomu obedience.

The team leads and missionary activity – for the holidays acts the children’s department of the Institute of Cancer in the boarding school №11, at a charity concert.

With great enthusiasm the children celebrate Christmas – sing carols, share joy with lots of different people.

Its repertoire is rich and varied. His mastery has repeatedly noted by diplomas at various festivals. A children’s choir gave concerts and recitals *.

Now the choir is not 7, as early, but more then 60 children, including beginners. A feature of the choir is that most of its members – children from large families.

Like all ordinary children, young choristers love not only to sing. Many attend music and art schools, sports clubs, participate (and win) in contests and competitions, performances and play football, go on picnics. Children find their friends with the same interests and inclinations.

The name “Rejoice” was assigned to the staff of the church in 2014. It reflects the evangelical appeal of the Apostle Paul: “Rejoice always” repeatedly digested in liturgical tradition. ** Accordingly, the favorite carol choir – known medieval carol «Gaudete» Authorized translated into Church – is a kind of anthem chorus.

What gives us the choir?

The creators of the choir priority placed the education of children, their churching, inculcation of love
and worship of the Church. Mother Natalia often reminds children that not a beautiful voice, perfect or not the rumor is the main condition to carry klirosnoe obedience. On the contrary, they can be a nuisance, creating vanity and negligence. We need discipline, care, reverence for most services. Singing should be present in prayer. “Sing to God, sing praises, sing praises to our King, sing!” – A favorite prokeimenon mother. The main thing that gives children choir – singing the opportunity to serve God.

* In the gallery, the sacristy “Miracle-working icons of Mount Athos”

** This call is repeated in numerous festive stichera and is an integral part of any akathist.